From Lake Tekapo to Timaru

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text tooltip_color=”color1″ tooltip_text_color=”color3″]This was one of the most tranquil and relaxing camp sites we have been to. The view to the lake is stunning. Next morning quite some weather is coming up. We take our time with a great breakfast in town, and decide to give the kite another shot- this time a little… Continue reading From Lake Tekapo to Timaru

From Mount Cook to Lake Tekapo

Just a short drive- All of a sudden we have time to travel back, since we can drop off the car in Christchurch. Lake Tekapo is our next stop and we are looking forward to the hot pools there 🙂

Mount Cook

Mount Cook is very special. Next day was all about a glacier lake kayak tour. Unfortunately we never got the photos from the people who brought smaller cameras…I just simply did not want to take the risk to get mine wet. the day after we took a hike – to hooker valley, great name! The… Continue reading Mount Cook

From Omarama to Queenstown

Yay, finally Manchos dream come true: we are going to Queenstown! Home of beautiful scenery and all the adventure and kickass activities anyone can wish for. Not that we have done any of them! But our arrival was promising: after check in at the least charming campsite so far, we took a scenic walk by… Continue reading From Omarama to Queenstown

Abel Tasman to Hanmer Springs

Actualy, we should be on our way to the glaciers on the westcoast, but we need to constantly drive away from the bad weather- so change of plans! Heading east instead, towards Christchurch via Hanmer Springs.

Abel Tasman National Park

So glad to be here for more than 1 night for a change! We decide to go on a track from Totaranui to Seperation point. Well, we managed 3 quarters, the exhaustion does not agree with a 5 hours fast pace up and down the hill exercise. But what we have seen, is totally worth… Continue reading Abel Tasman National Park