Abel Tasman National Park

So glad to be here for more than 1 night for a change!
We decide to go on a track from Totaranui to Seperation point. Well, we managed 3 quarters, the exhaustion does not agree with a 5 hours fast pace up and down the hill exercise. But what we have seen, is totally worth the hurting feet/legs.
Great pitstop at Anapai Bay too. Beautiful very basic campsites along the way (a toilet and a water tab is what it has).
We are lucky to have cold showers at ours 🙂

  • nz_abel_tasman-1
  • nz_abel_tasman-2
  • nz_abel_tasman-3
  • nz_abel_tasman-4
  • nz_abel_tasman-5
  • nz_abel_tasman-6
  • nz_abel_tasman-7
  • nz_abel_tasman-8
  • nz_abel_tasman-9
  • nz_abel_tasman-10
  • nz_abel_tasman-11
  • nz_abel_tasman-12
  • nz_abel_tasman-13
  • nz_abel_tasman-14
  • nz_abel_tasman-15
  • nz_abel_tasman-16
  • nz_abel_tasman-17
  • nz_abel_tasman-18
  • nz_abel_tasman-19
  • nz_abel_tasman-20
  • nz_abel_tasman-21
  • nz_abel_tasman-22
  • nz_abel_tasman-23
  • nz_abel_tasman-24
  • nz_abel_tasman-25

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