From Anakiwa to Abel Tasman National Park

That was one dramatic drive! Cloudy, rainy, sunny, extreme fog and a long windy gravel road that seems to lead to nowhere but finaly dropped us off at paradise: the scenic camp ground of Abel Tasman national park. We only realized the beautiful views we missed because of the fog on the way back, when the weather cleared up.

  • nz_to_abel_tasman-1
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-2
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-3
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-4
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-5
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-6
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-7
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-8
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-9
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-10
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-11
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-12
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-13
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-14
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-15
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-16
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-17
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-18
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-19
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-20
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-21
    finally close- we thought we would never arrive
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-22
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-23
    the most basic but beautiful campsite ever!
  • nz_to_abel_tasman-24
    and just a spit away from this beach!

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