Mount Cook

Mount Cook is very special. Next day was all about a glacier lake kayak tour. Unfortunately we never got the photos from the people who brought smaller cameras…I just simply did not want to take the risk to get mine wet.
the day after we took a hike – to hooker valley, great name! The view on the glacier was amazing.

  • mt_cook-1
  • mt_cook-2
  • mt_cook-3
  • mt_cook-4
  • mt_cook-5
  • mt_cook-6
  • mt_cook-7
  • mt_cook-8
  • mt_cook-9
  • mt_cook-10
  • mt_cook-11
  • mt_cook-12
  • mt_cook-13
  • mt_cook-14
  • mt_cook-15
  • mt_cook-16
  • mt_cook-17
  • mt_cook-18
  • mt_cook-19
  • mt_cook-20

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