From Mount Cook to Lake Tekapo

Just a short drive- All of a sudden we have time to travel back, since we can drop off the car in Christchurch. Lake Tekapo is our next stop and we are looking forward to the hot pools there 🙂

  • mt_cook_tekapo-1
  • mt_cook_tekapo-2
  • mt_cook_tekapo-3
  • mt_cook_tekapo-4
  • mt_cook_tekapo-5
  • mt_cook_tekapo-6
  • mt_cook_tekapo-7
  • mt_cook_tekapo-8
  • mt_cook_tekapo-9
  • mt_cook_tekapo-10
  • mt_cook_tekapo-11
  • mt_cook_tekapo-12

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