From Hanmer Springs to Christchurch

After half a day in the wounderful but very smelly hot springs we decided to move on towards Oamaru- where we were going to see penguins!! But a very painful tooth slowed the journey down- and we ended up in a random campsite 9k east of Christchurch, close to a beach though. Charming at night, not soo much during the day I think!

  • hanmer_christchurch-1
  • hanmer_christchurch-2
  • hanmer_christchurch-3
  • hanmer_christchurch-4
  • hanmer_christchurch-5
  • hanmer_christchurch-6
  • hanmer_christchurch-7
  • hanmer_christchurch-8
  • hanmer_christchurch-9
  • hanmer_christchurch-10
  • hanmer_christchurch-11
  • hanmer_christchurch-12

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