From Omarama to Queenstown

Yay, finally Manchos dream come true: we are going to Queenstown! Home of beautiful scenery and all the adventure and kickass activities anyone can wish for. Not that we have done any of them!
But our arrival was promising: after check in at the least charming campsite so far, we took a scenic walk by the river. Stunning!

  • omarama_queenstown-1
  • omarama_queenstown-2
  • omarama_queenstown-3
  • omarama_queenstown-4
  • omarama_queenstown-5
  • omarama_queenstown-6
  • omarama_queenstown-7
  • omarama_queenstown-8
  • omarama_queenstown-9
  • omarama_queenstown-10
  • omarama_queenstown-11
  • omarama_queenstown-13
  • omarama_queenstown-14
  • omarama_queenstown-15
  • omarama_queenstown-16
  • omarama_queenstown-17
  • omarama_queenstown-18
  • omarama_queenstown-19
  • omarama_queenstown-20
  • omarama_queenstown-21
  • omarama_queenstown-22
  • omarama_queenstown-23
  • omarama_queenstown-24

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