Cañon de Sil

One beautiful region! I guess we saw quite a bit of it when we took that really long involuntarily detour due to a google maps hickup – and that was good luck, because some bad weather was coming our way. Our tent tried to learn to fly that night that we arrived. However, the ongoing rain made it impossible for us to enjoy the nature, so we spend a bit of time shopping for a warmer sleeping bag in Ourense and left a day earlier than planned. We did however do a short beautiful walk to the “Monasterio de Santa Christina” which was one of the most imporatnt monasteries in the area in the middle ages- the first written evidences date back to late 10th century.

We really liked the one and only campsite “Cañon do Sil” just off a town called Castro, close to Parada de Sil below the canyon. And thank good they also have a few bungalows- as the temperature dropped to 0° the second night!


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