NZ Ferry ride – Wellington to Picton

We arrived super late last night- after 10.5 hpurs of driving, in between jetlag and red bull and the ever changing countryside, we finally found our first camping ground close to Wellington. The capital and the city famous for 2 things during our holidays: 1. We have never seen it. 2. I involuntarily said “Wellington” every time I meant “Queenstown”. Not an interesting piece of information? Ask Mancho.
Anyway, the first top ten holiday park was great- we parked, tried and manged to set up our little pilot into a bedroom in complete and utter darkness and had a few hours rest before we got up again at 5am to catch the ferry.
Destroyed as we were, the ferry ride was magnificent!

  • nz_ferry_ride-4
  • nz_ferry_ride-11
  • nz_ferry_ride-1
  • nz_ferry_ride-3
  • nz_ferry_ride-2
  • nz_ferry_ride-5
  • nz_ferry_ride-10
  • nz_ferry_ride-12
  • nz_ferry_ride-9
  • nz_ferry_ride-6
  • nz_ferry_ride-8
  • nz_ferry_ride-7

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